With 35 years of experience serving Business, Military, and Residential customers, we know paint!

Whether it's a single piece, or a large batch,
expect nothing but quality from every object we paint

Any Colour.
Any Coating.
Any Finish.
Always Satisfied.


Our Services

Powder Coating

A completely dry finishing process that is both visually stunning and extremely durable, in a wide variety of textures, gloss levels, and colours


A heat-resistant, chrome-like ceramic metallic coating that prolongs the life of coated parts such as automotive headers


Our facilities can handle one to hundreds of parts through our paint lines! We can apply a wide variety of specialty paint finishes to nearly any surface, including metals, plastics, and MDF!


Come, see for yourself! With a huge selection of coatings, fisnishes, and colour, we have the tools and the expertise to make your vision a reality, on virtually any type of surface!

About Us

RLD Industries LTD came to be in 1979, founded by Ralph Dennis and his two sons, Larry and Dick ( R L D )

At the time, they were manufacturing an outdoor aluminum sign product, and were having trouble finding people to perform the painting on these signs. Not being ones to give up on any project, they eventually figured out how to do the painting on their own, and the sign business became very successful.

Before long, friends and family would ask Dick and Larry to paint their cars, etc. It didn't take long for their reputation to spread, and local businesses began inquiring about painting services as well. Eventually, with the demand for their painting services continuing to rise rapidly, the sign business was sold and the painting business took off!

Since then, RLD Industries has continued to grow and evolve to meet the ever-changing demand of it's customers. RLD, over the past 35 years, has provided as many as 103 staff members with steady, quality employment.

Today, RLD Industries' painting and coating services are among the best in the industry, and continue to be in high demand in the Ottawa area.