Any job, large or small

The sky is the limit when it comes to your job! We have the facilities to handle custom work on one or a few objects, or even hundreds of parts through our production paint line! We apply a wide variety of paint finishes to sheet metal, plastics, MDF, aluminum, steel, and other metals. Our facilities can accommodate orders of any size, from prototypes, to full production runs on large and small parts.


In addition to Cermakrome coatings for parts like exhaust headers, many other automotive parts can be painted, including but not limited to: frames for cars/motorcycles/ATVs, axle housings, drums, rotors, spindles, hubs, bumpers, trim pieces, wheels, and more…

Sandblasting and Pre-Treatment

In addition to simply painting your product, RLD offers various pre-treatments for objects being painted. Sandblasting can be done as a pre-treatment for objects being painted, or even stand-alone, to strip off residues, smooth surfaces, and remove rust. In addition, we offer the following as pre-treatments: 3-stage power wash; Iron Phosphate; Plastic media blasting; Glass bead blasting; Manual stream pressure washing.

Military Specification Coatings

We have been providing Mil-Spec Coatings to all branches of the military and their primary contractors for the past 25 years. Our specialists have a vast level of knowledge and experience with the evolving needs of military coatings. All Mil-Spec applications receive 100% quality inspection, and all Customers are provided with a Letter of Compliance for the work completed.